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Based in Yorkshire, Clementene is a specialist professional furniture painter who expertly restores and hand paints antique, vintage and modern standalone pieces, as well as fitted kitchen, bedroom and bathroom units in a range of stunning and unique styles and finishes, from the traditional to the contemporary.


Clementene's furniture is entirely bespoke. She offers a unique collection of pieces in her online shop and accepts commissions to paint her clients' own furniture, either in situ or in her studio. She also sources furniture on behalf of her clients too.


She prides herself on lovingly and sympathetically restoring each piece to create stunning, timeless works of art; each with its own unique identity. No two pieces of her furniture are ever the same (unless a client specifically requests it!).


Clementene carefully selects her furniture from various sources across the country; focusing on the workmanship, character and charm of each piece. She embraces any little imperfections - like lines on a face, they tell a story.


All of Clementene's furniture is hand painted using only the finest quality, environmentally-friendly paints. Wherever necessary, the furniture is repaired, before being primed and painted and then sealed with superior waxes or varnishes.    


Having a degree in Classical Art & Architecture, Clementene draws her influence from many of the classic styles including the traditional English, the French and Italian Rococo and Baroque, the simplistic, elegant Scandinavian and the timeless vintage retro looks.


Unlike many of the big high street chains that churn out mass-manufactured furniture which is often very expensive, Clementene offers completely bespoke pieces at affordable prices. She wants her furniture to be enjoyed by everyone.

Embrace the old and treat yourself to something new. Visit the Shop for Clementene's collection of antique and vintage hand painted furniture inspired by French, Scandinavian styles and more, or get in touch for your own bespoke piece...


Do you have a chest of drawers, a kitchen, a table & chairs, a bed, a bathroom unit or even a shed which is in need of a makeover? If so, look no further as Clementene is here to help with these three simple steps:

Email a photo of what needs painting including the dimensions, or confirm what pieces you would like to be sourced. Provide your postcode and you'll be emailed a quote for the cost of collection and/or delivery, unless you wish to arrange this yourself. For fitted furniture (e.g. kitchen units) basic travel costs will be included in the quote.  

No. 1


You'll be guided through the different options including the styles, colours and finishes available. Be as creative as you like! You'll be guided every step of the way so the process will be simple and fun. You'll be provided with a quote for the cost of the work and a timescale for completion.

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If the furniture is being painted at

the studio you will be provided with photo updates so you can watch the magic unfold! Once the transformation is complete, the furniture will be delivered back to you, carefully packaged, looking beautiful and

new. Feel free to arrange your

own collection.

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For more information visit the Commission page...


Visit the Portfolio for Clementene's hand painted furniture past and present...

Each piece is lovingly and expertly restored, then hand painted to produce one-off, bespoke creations


Get to know the painter and why she loves to do what she does...

Clementene was born and bred in Yorkshire where she continues to live in a picturesque and idyllic village in the Yorkshire Dales.  She shares her home with her husband Pete, their beloved rescue Border Collie Teddy, their rescue barn cats Frida & Freya and an ever-growing flock of chickens.


With the help, support and encouragement of her family and friends, Clementene left a successful career in the law to pursue her passion for restoring and hand painting antique and vintage furniture.  


Influenced by the various period designs, including French and Scandinavian style interiors, Clementene has turned what once was a hobby into an exciting business venture.  And with her skills, expertise and natural artistic flair, Clementene can't wait to share her creations with you.


Clementene is also a features writer for Country Living Magazine.


Take a look at the About page for Clementene’s journey here...  




You may be wondering why Clementene's logo is a Greyhound. Well, she has a very good reason for this!


Alongside Clementene's passion for painting furniture, the other big loves in her life were her gorgeous rescue Greyhounds, Oscar and Aoife.


When they first came into Clementene and Pete's lives they were in a very sorry state. With time and plenty of TLC they were transformed into the beautiful, graceful creatures they were always meant to be.


Like most of the old furniture Clementene restores, Oscar and Aoife bore the odd bump and bruise. Clementene saw past this and recognised that they deserved a second chance in life.


Visit the About page for Oscar and Aoife’s story...


Clementene's ethos is to minimise waste by up-cycling the old to create something new.


She doesn't believe in throwing good quality furniture away (or anything else for that matter!) if it has the potential to be transformed into something stunning and worth cherishing for many years to come.            


We live in a wasteful society which is so focussed on the future that it often forgets to take care of what is in the past. Whilst not perfect, Clementene strives to make a positive difference.  


What Clementene offers is something very special - pieces of the past restored for the future; real keepsakes; beautiful one-off pieces of furniture that you won't find anywhere else.


Check out the About page for Clementene's take on upcycling...


Clementene loves taking photos...

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"Clementene Coates boasts a stunning range of furniture... a fabulous collection."


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"The finished pieces are simply stunning... epitomising elegance, Clementene Coates' restored furniture would have a place in our homes any day."