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By Clementene Coates, May 26 2016 10:55AM

This is my seventh feature for Country Living Magazine. In this 'Simple Project' I show you how to upcycle an old notebook with some beautiful fabric for a totally unique and bespoke look.

You will need

* notebook

* fabric

* scissors

* adhesive spray

* double-sided tape

* ribbon


1. Rest your notebook on your chosen fabric and cut around the edges leaving a 1 inch seam.

2. Spray the front of the book with adhesive and place it onto the fabric pressing down firmly.

3. Following the spine of the notebook, cut two slits at both ends of the fabric from the outer edges down towards the spine and tuck the strips into the spine itself.

4. Attach double sided tape along the seam and fold the fabric over the edges of the notebook sticking it to the inside.

5. Cut a length of ribbon to wrap around the notebook and stick it to the book with more double sided tape.

6. Finally, tie a pretty bow to close the notebook.

WHERE TO BUY: Fabric Fat Quarters, Ribbon & Adhesive Spray – Hobbycraft

For more information about me, my other features and my hand painted furniture business visit my website www.clementenecoates.co.uk and get in touch.

By Clementene Coates, Apr 11 2016 09:49AM

You will need

* Wine cork

* Marker pen

* Craft knife

* Paint

* Brush

* Card


1. Using a craft knife carefully cut a thin slice from the bottom of the cork to create a flat surface.

2. Next, draw your shape onto the flat end of the cork using either a pencil or a pen.

3. Start by cutting straight down the edges of the shape. Then, gradually cut away the remaining pieces.

4. If you make a mistake, don’t worry. Slice the shape off, draw it out again and restart the cutting process.

5. Once you’ve cut out your desired shape either dip it in some paint or brush the paint on.

6. Try experimenting with more than one paint colour. Make sure you practice on a scrap piece of paper first.

Happy stamping!

For more information about me, my other features and my hand painted furniture business visit my website www.clementenecoates.co.uk and get in touch.

This is my sixth feature for Country Living Magazine. In this ‘Simple Make’ I show you how to create a design to decorate your own printed stationary with stamps cut out of wine bottle corks.

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