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By Clementene Coates, Jan 26 2016 02:44PM

This is my fifth feature for Country Living Magazine. In this ‘Simple Make’ I show you how to upcycle, restore and paint a beautiful antique vintage table.

You will need

* A small table to upcycle

* Sandpaper

* Sugar Soap

* Sponge

* Primer (if necessary)

* Varnish (if necessary)

* Paint (see below for the paint I used)

* Medium Paint Brush

* Rub 'n' Buff Gold Leaf Gilding Wax


1. Using a medium grade sandpaper create a smooth surface on the wood to create a ‘key’ for the paint to properly adhere to.

2. Brush away any dust and give the whole piece a wash with a clean sponge and a diluted sugar soap solution. Rinse clean and allow to dry.

3. Apply a coat or two of primer (unless you’re using a self-priming paint) and leave to dry.

4. Give your chosen paint a thorough stir and using a good quality paint brush apply your first coat with light, even strokes and then let it dry.

5. With a fine grade sandpaper go over the painted surface to both create a smooth finish and to remove any paint drips. Brush away the dust.

6. Apply a second coat of paint and again leave to dry. If necessary, sand any further paint drips and brush off any dust.

7. If necessary, seal the paint with a suitable clear varnish. Remember, if you're using a water-based paint you will need to use a water-based varnish.

8. Using your forefinger, rub a little gold leaf gilding on any features on the table, or along the edges.

9. For a totally unique look, why not try using two different complimentary paint colours.

On this table I used 'Juniper Ash' (in Intelligent Eggshell) by The Little Greene Paint Company. I found there was no need to prime the table beforehand or to seal the paint with a varnish. This is a very durable paint and wonderful to apply. Two coats did the job perfectly.

For more information about me, my other features and my hand painted furniture business visit my website www.clementenecoates.co.uk and get in touch.

By Clementene Coates, Nov 28 2015 07:00AM

This is the third feature I’ve written for Country Living Magazine. In this ‘simple make’ I show you how to upcycle your old Christmas tree baubles using decoupage paper and glue. It’s a wonderful way of turning cheap baubles into stunning and unique decorations.

Here I use Kirstie Allsopp’s gorgeous vintage papers by ‘Deco Mache’ which you can purchase at Hobbycraft.

You will need

* Baubles

* Sandpaper

* Small paint brush

* Decoupage paper*

* Decoupage glue**

* Wire or string


1. Choose what paper you’re going to decorate your baubles with and tear into small manageable pieces.

2. Roughen the surface of the bauble with a little sandpaper to create a ‘key’ for the glue and paper to stick to.

3. Using a brush, apply a thin coat of glue to the surface of the bauble and stick on your first piece of paper. If necessary, add a little water to the glue to make it easier to work with.

4. Continue to apply the pieces of paper using thin layers of glue and overlapping the paper where required.

5. Once you’ve covered the entire bauble and you’re happy with the design, apply a final layer of glue or varnish all over the bauble to create a lovely sheen.

6. Once the glue or varnish has dried, hang up your beautiful new baubles for everyone to admire.

7. For an extra special touch, replace the wire loop with a pretty ribbon or a rustic piece of string.

* You don’t have to use decoupage paper. Depending upon what you’re covering you can use any thin paper. If you’re decoupaging a big item such as a piece of furniture you can even use wallpaper.

** Whilst I used specific decoupage glue, you can make your own version by watering down PVA glue (also known as white draft glue). Different people suggest mixing different ratios. I suggest you start with 1 part glue and 2 parts water and then play around with the mixture until you get a consistency which works for you.

For more information about me, my other features and my hand painted furniture business visit my website www.clementenecoates.co.uk and get in touch.

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