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By Clementene Coates, Mar 21 2015 10:51AM

Today was the day to move on to painting some new furniture now that the gorgeous oak washstand had been finished (don't forget - visitors to the fair can still win this beautiful piece by visiting the Marston & Langinger stand!).

My wonderful fiancé Pete travelled all the way down to London from Yorkshire to join me for the second half of the fair. He's my best friend and an absolute legend. On top of having a full time job in Digital Media, he spends most of his spare time working on my business - everything from creating my website, my business leaflets and business cards, to organising and updating my social media accounts and being the chief lifter and transporter of my heavy pieces of furniture all over the country. Without his love and constant support I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing right now.

Whilst Pete doesn't paint any furniture, there's little he doesn't know about the process (probably because he's had to listen to me chatting about it constantly over the years!) and he was happily speaking to visitors and exhibitors about what it is I do. In between me waiting for the paint to dry I too got the chance to have a good wander around the fair and chat to fellow craftspeople and visitors to exchange stories and business details. Please see my Twitter feed, Pinterest board or Facebook page to see some of the wonderful people I met.

The Jane Means stall always seemed to be very busy!

Back to the painting...

The lovely Catherine Gee and Linda Abernethy from Country Living made a trip to IKEA and bought a selection of pieces for me to paint. The first of these were a pair of cheap IVAR IKEA chairs which cost just £15 each.

I painted one chair in 'Barley' Interior Eggshell and the other in 'Charcoal' Chalky Matt, both of which were from the Country Living palette.

No prep and no priming - the paint went straight on a treat! Despite the knots in the wood, after just two coats of paint I had complete coverage.

However, the pale coloured paint on the pale pine wood looked a little insipid and didn't show off the true beauty of this paint colour. So, we chose to add a bit of character by painting some Charcoal along the edges of the Barley painted chair and some Barley on the edges of the Charcoal painted chair. What a difference it made!

I used approximately a tin and a half of the Marston & Langinger tester pots per chair, which shows what fantastic coverage this paint has.

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