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By Clementene Coates, Nov 30 2016 06:38PM

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog. I love to blog and share my painting tips and tricks with my lovely followers, but I’ve been so busy these past few months with painting furniture for commission projects and my online shop, that I haven’t had the time to put pen to paper as it were. If only I could squeeze everything I want to do into a day!

Nevertheless, I can’t miss this wonderful opportunity to write about the fabulous forthcoming Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair, which is taking place at the Harrogate International Centre between 1 - 4 of December.

I was thrilled to be asked by the Country Living team to do a series of painting demonstrations on the Country Living Lifestyle Theatre (every day between 12 - 12:30pm in the Lifestyle Theatre!). I’ve done live painting demos at the Country Living fairs before and it’s always such a thrill to see the visitors’ reactions as the transformations unfold.

Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of the year and it’s the perfect opportunity to make handmade gifts for my loved ones and decorate my home with all sorts of lovely festive creations.


This year I’ll be showing the visitors how to upcycle and paint simple, plain wooden candlestick holders using two different painting techniques for a beautiful festive twist:

Limewash Effect – perfect for wood with an open grain (e.g. oak, chestnut and ash). This effect enhances the beauty of the grain and softens the colour of the wood

Two-colour Distress Effect – where one colour is painted over the top of another and then the second coat is lightly sanded in small areas to expose the contrasting colour underneath

I’ll also be showing off some candlesticks and a candelabra I painted earlier (as pictured below)!

Here I used a range of different techniques including dry brushing, cracking the paint for a craquelure effect and gilding with gold leaf and gilding wax.


I’ve used / will be using a range of different branded products to transform the candlesticks and candelabra.

I want to avoid listing the exact products I used on each piece to show people that there are many wonderful things they can do with a range of different branded products and they shouldn’t feel restricted to using just one particular brand.

In some cases, I’ll be using several different branded products on one piece to achieve the look I want.

It may be that you have some of the products I’ve listed below to hand, you may be familiar with others, you might not like certain ones, or you may only want to spend a certain amount of money on a product bearing in mind that some are more expensive than others.

As a professional furniture painter who does commission work, I’m regularly asked to use a range of different paints from Little Greene Paint Company, Farrow & Ball to Zoffany. Depending upon what project I’m doing (e.g. a kitchen) I may advise my clients to use a fine quality trade paint, but for the purposes of small projects like this you don’t need to over complicate things.

Provided that you’re using the right products for the job (e.g. a water based chalk paint with a water based varnish) then you can choose the brand(s) that suit you best.

Here’s a list of the products I used on the candlesticks and candelabra:

• Paints (on wood): Colourman Paint, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint, Marston & Langinger Chalky Matt, Vintro Chalk Paint

• Paint (on metal): Autentico Versante Eggshell, Valspar Gloss Black Spray Paint

• Sealants: Annie Sloan Clear Wax, Autentico Dark Wax, Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish, Polyvine Varnish Gloss

• Specialist Finishes: Autentico Crackle Glaze, Gedeo Gold Leaves & Gilding Paste, Pebeo Gilding Wax, PlastiKote Fast Dry Gold Enamel Spray Paint, Rub ‘n’ Buff Gold Leaf Gilding Wax

I know it’s an obvious thing to say, but always make sure you read the product guidelines carefully!


I’m delighted to announce that I’m now offering FURNITURE PAINTING CLASSES here in the picturesque county of Yorkshire.

In recent years furniture painting has become a global phenomenon and a fabulous time to acquire a wonderful new skill. There's a plethora of advice on how to paint furniture, which can be very overwhelming and at times misleading.

After receiving many requests from people wanting to learn from a professional, I’ve decided to share my knowledge, skills and expertise in my own furniture painting classes to give first time painters and those with a basic understanding of furniture painting the very best tips and techniques for painting their own furniture.

I’ll be teaching a range of classic and artistic skills using an array of different products so you can confidently transform your own old, outdated or modern, plain furniture into beautiful and unique pieces which you can be proud of.

It’s a 1 DAY COURSE which is hands-on, interactive and most importantly fun! You’ll learn everything from:

• texturing paint

• two-colour distressing

• mixing colour washes and tinted waxes

• cracking paint with craquelure

• dècoupage

• stencilling

• gilding with gold and silver leaf

You’ll also enjoy a lunch of delicious sandwiches, cake and biscuits from the world famous Bettys.

If you're interested in knowing more, take a look at my new FURNITURE PAINTING CLASS webpage and book a place!

GIFT VOUCHERS and BESPOKE FURNITURE PAINTING CLASSES are also available. Take a look at my website for more details


As it is Christmas and the season of giving, I’m thrilled to announce my fabulous COMPETITION to win:

• The beautiful upcycled HAND PAINTED BLACK & GOLD CANDELABRA (pictured above)


• A ***FREE*** FURNITURE PAINTING CLASS with me at a beautiful venue here in Yorkshire.

To ENTER all you need to do is LIKE, COMMENT ON and SHARE THIS POST. Simple!

The WINNERS will be announced on 18 DECEMBER 2018.

Wishing you all best of luck. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Very best wishes

Clementene Coates x


By Clementene Coates, Jun 16 2015 09:29AM

I came across the wonderfully eclectic Lime Lace Interiors last year as I was researching local boutique businesses in Yorkshire offering unique and unusual accessories for the home.

In my business, Clementene Coates, I specialise in restoring and hand painting antique and vintage furniture and I’m keen to build relationships with local interior designers with a view to us working together on new and exciting design projects. Consequently, I got in touch with Sam King (link to your Linkedin profile) who is the lovely and very talented owner of Lime Lace Interiors.

I immediately clicked with Sam; partly because she has a very easy, outgoing personality, but also because she shares the same business values as I do:

* we champion bespoke, individual accessories for the home with a view to addressing the generic, mass-manufactured ones which are currently on the market;

* we embrace a range of different styles, be it cool and contemporary, or more classic, vintage and retro designs

*we work hard to create a totally unique look for our clients and aim to ensure that every step of the process is an enjoyable one for them

As well as having a boutique online store, Sam also offers an interior design service. In respect of the latter, I recently worked on a residential home design project with Sam in Great Ouseburn, North Yorkshire. Sam was employed to re-design nearly every room in the home (of which there are many!). Sam put me in contact with her client and I was subsequently commissioned to restore and paint two large antique pine wardrobes and a further, very large armoire. Sam and I worked closely with the client on colours, styles, finishes and unique touches to achieve the exact look the client wanted. The project was a resounding success and the client was thrilled with the work that we both did.

Here's a selection of photos of the pieces I worked on. The two pine wardrobes were painted with Marston & Langinger paints, whilst I used Annie Sloan chalk paints and waxes on the armoire...

Sam has a wonderfully creative eye for detail and design. She isn’t afraid to step outside of the box and test your imagination, without compromising on the balance and feel of a room. As a fellow professional she is an absolute pleasure to work with and her clients clearly love her enthusiasm and individual sense of style. I can't wait until the next time we work together!

If you have any questions about either of our work, don't hesitate to get in touch either through the contact page on my website or the contact page on Sam's website.

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