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By Clementene Coates, Jan 4 2017 04:52PM

Wishing you all a very happy (albeit slightly belated) New Year!

As I was working up until the 11th hour before Christmas Eve, I made a conscious decision to put social media to one side for a couple of weeks (there are a few of us out there who can do this, although we are a rarity!) to focus on my very lovely family and of course my two gorgeous greyhounds, posing here for a business photo-shoot...

2016 was a very busy year for me:

• chock-full of commission work (from both my little studio and across the U.K.)

• as well as sales of my painted pieces from my online shop

• one of my painted creations (a beautiful bed post) was exhibited at Olympia in London with House & Garden Magazine as part of interior designer Vanessa Rhodes' very successfull company Turnpost Luxury Four Poster Bed

• I wrote a number of 'upcycling' features for Country Living Magazine

• they invited to put on a number of live painting demonstrations at the Country Living Christmas Fair in Harrogate; and

• I found the perfect venue to hold my new Furniture Painting Classes here in beautiful Yorkshire, the first to take place in February this year...

I was also immensely proud to publish my first online brochure. It was a labour of love, but worth every second as it showcases my painted portfolio, collaborations and my reviews...

As you are probably well aware by now, I love what I do for a living. To me this isn't just a way to make money (although that is of course a necessity!); it’s a way of life and I couldn’t feel happier or indeed luckier to be doing what I do each working day.

Without fail I put the same amount of energy and focus on every piece I paint, whether it’s for my online shop, a commission project or for my own home. My painted furniture is a reflection of me and I’m thrilled that people recognise the efforts I go to to create my beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Over the past 12 months I've seen a flood of photographs of other people's painted furniture projects. Particularly with regards to those posted by ‘professionals’, more often than not I’m absolutely baffled at how quickly they can complete a piece e.g. a large sideboard from start to finish in a day! That’s right, in a day!

With the best will in the world, in following the correct methods for professionally restoring and painting a piece of furniture, one cannot turn a piece around in such a short space of time and create a professional finish which will last. Cleaning products, primer (if used), paint and sealer (varnish or wax) simply cannot dry that quickly, even with a small army of heaters pointed at it! I dread to think of the quality of the brushwork. Even the random stroke brushwork is meant to be purposeful and not slapped on. I know I'm a perfectionist, but in my line of work, that's a good thing!

I take a tremendous amount of pride in my craft. I don’t rush a job, but I do work quickly and methodically and I’m proud of each and every piece I complete and I’m very proud to say my clients recognise this. On that note, I wanted to share a really lovely review I received from one of my clients just before Christmas about the furniture I transformed below…

“Hi Clementene

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that all my furniture has arrived safely. Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job on my old furniture. Thanks to your talents it now has a whole new lease of life! The colour and finish look amazing and they’ve transformed my bedroom into a lovely, sophisticated place to relax and unwind. I’m sure the cost of purchasing furniture of this quality would have been very expensive. The service you have offered from collection, colour choice and re-delivery have been brilliant and it’s been a pleasure from start to finish. Many thanks again for breathing new life into much loved furniture.

Once again many thanks and Merry Christmas.

Kind regards, Lee.”

Receiving reviews like this make all that hard work, time, effort and attention to detail so worthwhile.

Here’s to another year of many more fabulous painted creations…

Wishing you all the very best for 2017!

Best wishes

Clementene Coates


If you or your client has furniture which is in need of a facelift, or you want me to source some furniture and paint it in your chosen colour and finish, do not hesitate to get in touch by email [email protected] or phone 07786 163 010.

By Clementene Coates, Jan 7 2016 09:57PM

What a truly wonderful year 2015 was. A couple of years ago I’d never have imagined that I’d leave my legal career behind me to pursue my passion for restoring and painting furniture.

This time last year I had just launched my website and online shop and was about to sell my first piece of furniture. The thought of leaving a career you know so well to start a completely new one can be an extremely daunting one. I made the leap and I haven’t looked back. Not once.

There’s no denying that starting a business from scratch has its challenges, but that’s part and parcel of the journey. And what a journey I’ve had so far!

Of course I couldn’t have done it without the support of my amazing family and friends. In particular I want to thank my fiancé Pete, whose constant support, encouragement, advice (and technical wizardry!) I shall never forget.

I also want to thank my clients who’ve bought my furniture and trusted me to paint their own. Each and every one of you have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m overjoyed by your feedback. Last but not least I thank all of the lovely strangers who’ve taken the time to follow my work and who’ve been so generous with their kind comments.

So, to celebrate my first official year as Clementene Coates, I thought I’d take a little look back at some of my most memorable moments of 2015…

* I sold my first piece of furniture, a pretty black and grey bureau I named Beau. And then I sold some more…

* I was commissioned to restore and paint an array of beautiful furniture here in Yorkshire, in the South and as far afield as Scotland…

* I was invited to 10 Downing Street by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to showcase my work to Lord Young, James Caan and the PM himself…

* My business featured in The Yorkshire Post, The Telegraph &Argus and Yorkshire Living Magazine…

* I worked on a fabulous collaboration project with the very talented daughter and mother duo, Stephanie & Michelle Witts of Witts Design

* I collaborated with gifted interior designer, Vanessa Rhodes and Turnpost Four Poster Beds and our work was exhibited at Decorex International in London

* I was asked to be a Features Writer for Country Living Magazine and Reloved Magazine

* And, at long last I got to meet one of my idols, Annie Sloan, THE world's most respected expert in decorative paint, colours and techniques...

For more information about me, my other features and my hand painted furniture business visit my website www.clementenecoates.co.uk and get in touch.

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